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Under this model, our investors invest and install the solar power plant on your location or a common location and would supply power to you at a price less than your current electricity prices.


Under this model, the end consumer can own the asset and claim Tax Saving benefit. This would also benefit the consumer as it offsets the huge electricity bill been paid by the consumer. The consumer gets hassle free electricity from the solar power plant for a tenure of 25 years and beyond resulting in high saving on electricity costs.Type your paragraph here.



Third Party Power Sale: Under this model, we provide the prospective investors the Land, Evacuation Facilities, Government permissions and Power Purchase Agreements for installation of the solar power plants.

Government Tender: Under this model, we provide the entire infrastructure for the installation of the solar power plant in any state of India for the investors who have won Power Purchase Agreements with the Government.


Third Party Power Sale: This model pertains to the investors who have their own land in any state of India wherein they are willing to install the solar power plant. We arrange a Pre-Feasibility study of the land and provide complete infrastructure including Evacuation, Engineering, Procurement, Construction and the arrangement of Third Party Power Purchase Agreements for the solar power plant.

Government Tender: Under this model, we do the EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) along with the installation of Evacuation system and availing Government Permissions for investors who have won the Power Purchase Agreement with the Government in any state of India.



The tariff for commercial buildings are often higher than the industrial and residential establishments. On top of it, there are frequent electricity outages which result in usage of expensive diesel generators costing at around Rs.12.00 – Rs.15.00 per unit. The vacant rooftop space at a commercial establishment can be utilized to offset these high costs with solar power. The solar power plant can be installed on the rooftop of a commercial establishment and the owner can offset their electricity price through solar power for 25+ years.


Many power intensive manufacturing units like textile mills, cement factories etc depend on more than one source of power like conventional sources, government discoms, etc. These units are often build on huge acres of land which makes them an ideal spot for utilizing the untapped solar power through solar power plant installation. Through solar installation, the manufacturing units will not only save on electricity costs but will also be able to claim additional tax benefits with reliable supply of power for 25+ years. This would also result in optimizing the load requirements of the manufacturing unit giving them additional benefit on the long run


Colleges, schools etc have a continuous load requirement which forces them to utilize expensive diesel generators to meet their requirements. Solar Power can be utilized in these establishments as these institutions have ample free space available. The solar power unit can also be utilized as an educational tool for teaching the students about the technology which would increase the credibility of the educational institute.


Hospitals and clinics have 24/7 load which arecritical for them. Therefore, they utilize diesel generators to acquire continuous load. The lights, fans and air conditioning in a healthcare establishment can be run on solar power which can be easily established on the rooftop of the healthcare establish

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